What a Crazy Year!

We want to say first of all that our hearts and prayers go out to all who have been impacted by the flood waters and extreme ground saturation.

As much as we pride ourselves on our Customer Service, we apologize

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~*~Don’t wait for your Patio, Driveway or Retaining Wall Estimate~*~

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope your holiday season has been a wonderful time with family and friends.

We know it’s cold outside, but here is a warm thought for you. Warmer days are on their way. The first official

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UDATE Regarding Concrete Sealers

We would like to expand on the information given in our previous blogs.

CCD Enterprises uses 2 basic types of sealers for concrete.

         One concrete sealer is used right away when the concrete is poured. This

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Winter is Coming!

The cooler weather is starting to set in. The leaves are falling and crunching under our feet. The list of outdoor “to do’s before winter sets in” is getting longer. Add two more items!

     1. Make sure your

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Why do I need that? The products we use and why we use them.

When considering a concrete project for the first time, it may be shocking to see the prices on those bids you receive. As you go through them you will likely see added items and wonder what your concrete company is

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Why am I not getting called back?

We get quite a few customers saying that they can’t get people to call them back. They don’t understand why contractors who want to earn money don’t return calls or follow up. Why could this be happening!?


This is

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